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Welcome to, unsurprisingly, the home of Christopher Kempke, LLC.

If you're here because you've discovered a problem in (or just need help with) our software, please let us know by email at If you're looking for our privacy policy, see below.

What's New?

A complete list of news articles is available in the sidebar.

3/26/2024 - We've released our first app, a Chinese/English dictionary called Mandarin Fish. You can get it for mac, iOS, and visionOS (one purchase for all!) in the App Store.


Privacy Policy

For all current Christopher Kempke, LLC. products:

We are not in the business of collecting (or selling) personal information. If we get any on us, we'll wash it off.

Our software is available through various App Stores (currently, just ones run by Apple). Their privacy policy is here. As part of the purchase/download process, these stores send us certain information by e-mail, and other information is available in the developer dashboard. This may include your e-mail address (or a forwarding e-mail address if you use Apple's privacy features), and some general geographic data (what country you're in, what currency you used, and some tax information).

We do not have access to actual payment information; the App Store is the payment processor. We can't misuse or reveal your credit card information, because we don't have it.

We reserve the right to use those e-mail addresses in the event of critical need. That would be something like "Hey, there's a bug in the current version that deletes your data, don't use it!"

Otherwise, that information is archived and stored, but not otherwise used beyond what's necessary to handle transactions (and if you initiate them, service support requests.) We do not market by e-mail, sell information about our customers, or otherwise use your personal information for any purpose whatsoever other than to take up some space on our hard drives.

We do not presently have any services that require logins or passwords. However, our apps may support synchronization of data through standard OS services. (That's the complicated way of saying "We work with iCloud if you've got it turned on.")


This site does not use cookies in any way that we're aware of, and we will update this policy if we decide we need some for some reason or other.

However; this site is hosted through GitHub Pages and Google Domains (or Squarespace, or whoever it's been sold to this week), and it's very likely one or more of these upstream providers is doing analytics on things like number of visitors and such. Those systems may use cookies or logging per their own privacy policies and terms of service.