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For many years, Pleco (named after a fish) has been the gold standard of Chinese dictionaries. But it supports neither the Mac (as of this writing, although it's been "coming soon" for years) nor the new Apple Vision Pro, both of which are important platforms for this developer.

Enter Mandarin Fish. While it can't hope to compete with the Pleco's years of features, it brings the critical ones:

  • flash card study, (both old and new HSK word lists are provided)

  • a substantial Chinese/English dictionary, based on the CC-CEDICT open source project

  • being named after a fish

Mandarin Fish is available on all of your favorite Apple platforms, as long as you're not one of those "my favorite platform is an Apple Watch" heathens. (Apple TV fans, keep an eye out. Text-entry-heavy apps aren't really ideal for the TV, but we're looking to see if there's opportunities there.)

A "universal purchase," you get Mandarin Fish for all supported platforms with a single purchase. No buying on each platform, and no subscriptions!

If you buy on any platform, it should show up as an available (or automatic) download on all of your other devices/platforms, but the process can take a few minutes.

Mandarin Fish can be downloaded now at your favorite App Store, so long as your favorite App Store is the Apple one for iOS, macOS, or visionOS.

Download Link

or, if you're one of those QRCode fans:

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